Our Mission

East Hills has always reached beyond the status quo to address the needs of our community. With the collaboration of passionate neighbors we have worked to build and maintain a beautiful, diverse, friendly and safe place to live, work and play.

Through the Years

Wealthy Theatre 1986

Wealthy Theatre 1986

Early Years

  • In 1978, a group of committed neighbors got together to find solutions to the crime and blighted home conditions in the area, this was the beginning of the East Hills neighborhood association

  • 1986 White Rabbit Bar closes, a source of crime and complaints among neighbors

  • 1988-99  SEED activates. The beginning of the Wealthy Theatre restoration

  • 1990s Housing recruitment efforts, how-to-own-your-own-home workshops

  • 1994 Established the Cherry Hill Historic district

  • mid 90s-2005 Wealthy Street ALIVE

  • 1998-99 Violence Prevention Project

Wealthy Theatre Today

Wealthy Theatre Today


  • 1997 Established the Wealthy Theatre Historic district

  • 1999 Art Works! youth apprenticeship art program

  • 1999 Established the Fairmount Square Historic district

  • By the early 2000’s East Hills was leading the city in neighborhood revitalization efforts

  • 2002-04  East Hills Center (of the Universe)

  • mid-2000s Wealthy Heights Community Land Trust

  • c.2005 Fight to keep Congress School open

  • 2005-7 Community supports ICCF renovation of Blodgett Home for Children

Center of the Universe

Center of the Universe


  • 2008 Trees Please leads to tree inventory project

  • 2011 Start of East Hills Loves Congress initiative

  • 2013-14 Creation of Public Space Strategy

  • 2014-18 Continue activating our green spaces with a summer concert series. Continue to increase our tree canopy. Hosting a series of networking events such as book clubs, game nights, knitting clubs to connect neighbors with neighbors