Re-development of 920 Cherry

After years of advocacy 920 Cherry, the original DA Blodgett Home for Children has been restored and is now the headquarters of the Inner City Christian Federation. The site had been derelict for decades with the building left to slowly decay along with the surrounding neighborhood that had been laid waste for parking lots.

Through a unique public/private partnership the site has been re-developed into market rate townhouses, a new street named in honor of Blodgett, new commercial spaces on Cherry, a public garden, and a beautifully restored building at its focal point.
The new infill  the housing on Hollister restores the historic nature and walkabilty of the street. The new Blodgett Street is also fronted with new housing and integrates with the historic neighborhood grid. This mixed-use development, which seems so new to many, actually harkens back to the orgin of East Hills, the original development was an "urban village," a mix of housing, retail and services set in a walkable context.