East Hills Council of Neighbors is a catalyst for neighborhood renewal through effective, grassroots community organizing. For over thirty years the organization has worked on crime prevention, community building, and home ownership initiatives. Beyond these essential activities, the need for a greater level of reinvestment has also been addressed. Extensive work on Wealthy Street, the corner of Lake and Diamond, and 920 Cherry have been the result of long term grassroots organizing. East Hills has always reached beyond the status quo to address the needs of the community as a whole, and to diligently create and maintain a diverse, safe and sustainable community in which everyone can live, work, shop and play.

East Hills has a proven track record of success including:
  • Partnering with Congress School to maintain it as a neighborhood resource
  • Leading the way on urban forest issues with the East Hills Tree Project
  • Incubating ArtWorks through the “Something Fishy” community art project
  • Incubating SEED, who led the restoration of the Wealthy Theatre
  • Working to create the Cherry Hill, Fairmount Square & Wealthy Theatre historic districts and preserving our architectural heritage
  • Initiating and Organizing Wealthy Street ALIVE for over ten years
  • Bringing about the development of the East Hills Center of the Universe through years of grassroots activism
  • Working to maintain affordable homeownership opportunities by starting the Wealthy Heights Initiave
  • Being one of the first Michigan Cool Cities sites and supporting our business districts including façade improvements, banners and bike racks
  • Leading the grassroots advocacy that brought 920 Cherry to the redevelopment table, a project that includes thirty-three new housing units!
  • Building effective collaborations with business, residents and government
  • Making East Hills “Green” by administering a DEQ Non-Point Source Pollution Grant for developments that include green roofs, rain gardens and permeable asphalt parking lots.